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[Socket API] Manual or community gift distinction in subscription events.

Context: I have a service that provides custom alerts and it makes use of the socket API. A client wants to display a single alert for community gifts instead of 1 alert for each gifted viewer.


Current approach: The browser source plays an alert for subMysteryGift and ignores subscription events that happen to be a gift sub. Wether a person mass gifts 1, 5 or any other amount, only 1 alert plays.


Problem: When a person manually gifts to someone, there's no subMysteryGift. All I'm left with is a subscription event indicating it was gifted but as I mentioned earlier, those have to be ignored.


Solution: The subscription event could carry a property indicating if it was a manual or community gift. That way, I can still ignore all the subscription events from a mass gift and allow single, manual gifts to go through.

  • johnRivs
  • Feb 11 2019