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Streamlabs Leaderboard Extension needs a Update!

Hello Streamlabs, i am using the streamlabsleaderboard extension on my stream and thats nice to have but i see many streamers with a other scoreboard of streamelements... its almost the same but if i check my subs it counts until to the 20th place (streamlabsleaderboard)... when i check then the leaderboard of streamelements it count maaaaany more subscriber in the scoreboard and there is one more important option: SUB GIFTs Scoreboard... thats missing in streamlabsleaderboard too ! and the design is much more interesting at streamelements but i dont want to change all because of these little problems so i decided to open here a ticket/suggestion and hope that you will patch it or make it better whatever but it would be so nice ! 

Link of the extension called Streamlabs Leaderboard: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/wi08ebtatdc7oj83wtl9uxwz807l8b-1.1.8

  • mkeyTVDE
  • Feb 13 2019