Feature Suggestions

Spotify Integration

There should be an integration for streamlabs to pause current song when an alert happens them resume playing after the alert has played.

  • JariiTV
  • Feb 22 2019
  • Noegdud commented
    11 Apr 11:00am

    I also want this to be a source of its own so that it can automatically start playing music in different scenes like your BRB scene or your Ending scene.

  • RandomHost commented
    6 Oct, 2019 10:09pm

    I like the general idea of being able to somehow adjust background music while other sound events are happening but I don't think that Spotify is the right choice here since you are not allowed to use Spotify for streaming since re-streaming their music is a clear violation of their terms of service and they can actually terminate your account for doing so.

    Therefore, I'd rather like to see support for apps like Pretzel Rocks which come with a "YouTube Safe mode" which for the most part only plays songs which won't get you into trouble.

  • Makzwell commented
    22 Aug, 2019 11:46am

    This would be INCREDIBLE, but I understand if it's not at the top of the priority list.

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