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Super Chat GOAL!

Hi so i think we should be able to add a Super chat Goal just like the donation goal and the way super chat works is that all the money earned goes to your end of month pay from youtube so it is easy to tax etc and with donations it can be difficult to figure the tax out and like me i do not accept donations because of this reason but i can accept super chats so for people like me who accept super chat but not donations through other sources it would be a nice feature to add and would help the super chat user community! 

  • Violate
  • Jun 30 2017
  • Planned
  • Rémi Godefroid commented
    February 05, 2018 04:40

    I like this idea :)

  • sonadow 340 commented
    03 Jan 02:23

    super chatç

  • HardLevel commented
    16 Jul 01:50

    why this wansn't made yet???