Feature Suggestions

Emotes on Screen

A service similar to KappaGen. Maybe custom emotes and other animation options.

  • TristenGrant
  • Jul 3 2017
  • soerenvogelsang commented
    22 Feb 02:03pm

    I am still using streamelements for this one thing :-)
    Simple as that.

  • DrUninstall commented
    29 Oct, 2019 12:27am

    Make it happen

  • ultraTay commented
    15 Mar, 2019 05:40am

    I want this! :) Pls! Thank you!

  • Sylvanas_drkangel commented
    10 Oct, 2018 06:53am

    This needs to happen!!! I'm not going back to OBS studio style of OBS!!! I'm begging for something like this to happen!!!!

  • LarryIRL commented
    17 Aug, 2018 05:25am

    I will upvote this as well because it is one of the few features/areas stream elements trumps stream labs in. I know a handful of people that either use stream elements alerts in conjunction with SLOBS or have made the switch completely to stream elements because of this feature....

  • DreadMyst commented
    10 Mar, 2018 04:28am

    I was going to make a new suggestion for this but since there is already one ill up vote it.... how many votes until this can become real?  I don't want to have to setup a stream elements page just to get one feature i want :(