Feature Suggestions

Renaming the cloudbot

So i like the Cloudbot but would be pretty cool if their was a way to rename the bot and just have a bot with a name you want on stream chat. 

So far the Cloudbot is good for those streamers who can't download any bot software knowing most streamers don't have a good running PC!

  • Bloomare
  • Mar 11 2019
  • GameWithGray commented
    02 Jun 22:51

    The Streamlabs ChatBot program has this feature but the program has to be running for it. I completely agree - it'd be so wonderful to have an in-browser source for a chat bot that can take the name of another user instead of it saying "Streamlabs".

  • Gaming Mike commented
    05 Jun 15:06

    If renaming was added to the cloudbot, I'd make the switch from the standalone client in a heartbeat.

  • AlphaPyxis commented
    05 Jun 16:16

    I would love to have the option to change cloudbots name definitely 100% would love that feature!

  • aIazymeme commented
    24 Jun 09:15

    This is an incoming feature.

  • KensonPlays commented
    12 Jul 23:06

    Hopefully soon, @alazymeme. I have to use Botisimo which is paid for a custom name, but a cloud-based bot for my Mixer streams (and Discord too would be appreciated).