Feature Suggestions

Donation Goal Bar Transparency

It would be rather interesting to have a setting for the donation goal bar to have a transparency to it. For example, you could have a slider option letting you make the bar your own preferred level of transparency. 100% being completely invisible, 0% being obviously completely visible. I think it'd be nice to be able to make a more subtle donation bar. Place it over your face cam, turn it to about 25% or 50%. Or maybe you don't have much of a spot for it where it won't be blocking anything important, so you could place it over your health bar, or maybe your ammo counter, or your mini-map, and just drop it to a 50% or so, and be just fine.

  • SentinelBlythe
  • Jul 4 2017
  • Foxy_Fury commented
    5 Aug, 2018 11:28pm

    Really interested in this as well

  • splashboy3 commented
    23 Oct, 2017 05:52pm

    dude 100% agreed. i wish they'd do it