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Streamlabs cloud bot custom name

Custom name for the cloud bot, like the downloadable application with its custom name. like streamelements custom name. like nightbot but a custom name.

  • LvsDark
  • Mar 21 2019
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  • xHadesStamps commented
    6 Jan, 2020 07:38am

    Still "planned." Good to see, as it's currently for Mixer and Twitch only, and appears to be a Prime feature. Would love to use this, but my main platform is YouTube, and I'm unable to afford Prime.

  • Robepower commented
    15 Nov, 2019 11:34pm

    is this still a thing?
    For the Cloudbot i mean i would love to have it using a custom name in my Twitch Chat

  • BoomBookTR commented
    20 Aug, 2019 01:57pm

    nice to see this options ;)

  • LvsDark commented
    2 Aug, 2019 08:58pm

    Glad to see this get set as "Planned". Good s*** yall! 

  • Telinha commented
    17 Jul, 2019 02:20am


  • Chi11estpanda commented
    11 Jul, 2019 12:22am

    According to a post by Streamlabs staff, "George" this is currently possible. See the instructions provided in the post here: Chatbot FAQs: extension, custom name, and more [Desktop]

  • Xironium commented
    7 Jul, 2019 04:18pm

    I use streamlabs chatbot, which ties into a secondary account (bot account) and i'd like to see this feature on cloudbot as well, yeah.

  • BudCaveTV commented
    5 Jul, 2019 03:50pm

    This is definitely a must-have feature.

  • trus0und commented
    30 Jun, 2019 02:28am

    Great idea, and would allow me to migrate from the offline chatbot!

  • lezzerleee commented
    23 Jun, 2019 06:21am

    Important to me. Won't switch from Scottybot until this is a feature. 

  • Telinha commented
    18 Jun, 2019 01:54am


  • syinnerio commented
    8 Jun, 2019 06:15am

    Also the biggest reason I am still on the stand alone app. One day I may move if i can name my bot here.

  • KensonPlays commented
    6 Jun, 2019 08:11am

    This is the reason I am not using it as well.

    In addition to some other missing things, like more chat games including 'Steal' which randomly picks a user and has a chance at stealing X stream currency from another user. Another chat game my viewers are loving is "Hot Potato" where people have to keep saying "!potato" with a defineable time that the bot counts down on and whoever successfully passed it off before timer goes to 0 gets some currency as a reward.

  • DKBjorn commented
    12 May, 2019 11:24am

    indeed....  or maybe let it use, the account bot is connected to

  • Bruncky commented
    8 May, 2019 03:45pm

    Leaving my vote here as well. The idea of Cloudbot is amazing and makes things extremely simple, but lack of a custom name is the only reason why I'm rocking Chatbot!

  • VaughnWhiskey commented
    7 May, 2019 04:02pm

    100% why I don't use Cloudbot. i want to tho because the downloaded bot is ok and all but my dumbass forgets to launch it. So having a lot of features from the download bot on the cloud bot would be awesome

  • Making_A_Maker commented
    23 Apr, 2019 08:12pm

    This would be SUPER helpful, since I stream from two different computers in different locations - making sure the chatbot is running in one location, when I'm at the other, is a major pain! I would LOVE to use the cloudbot, and this is one of the only things holding me back. Thanks!!

  • drybloxman commented
    17 Apr, 2019 01:16pm

    That would be amazing, as I like this better than the Chatbot program so I can have everything in one place, but having Streamlabs as the bot name feels unprofessional.

  • Lendary Plays commented
    14 Apr, 2019 04:06am


  • TristenGrant commented
    6 Apr, 2019 06:03am

    I'd also love to see this. 

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