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Way to Combine Selected Streamlabels Files into One Big File

Many streamers (myself included) enjoy using the scrolling/rotating text banners on their stream. Most of us also use text files, generated from the likes of Streamlabels, to display that content (most recent subscriber/donation, etc.).

What I would LOVE is a way to combine a couple of text files (and a set number of spaces after each file), so that we could have one really large text file that scrolls through a big chain of content. Ex: "Newest Subscriber: JimBob2017! Subscriber Train: 3/10! Most Recent Donation: SteveQ for $20!"

I see 3 potential ways for this to be done:

- Via Streamlabels - Could set one/some custom combined files via checkboxes (and some way to set order). Would create a new file that the user could name. Fires every time one of the included files is updated.
- Via an OBS/Xsplit plugin - Could choose multiple files to include, instead of just one file (a directory of files probably wouldn't work, since Streamlabels saves everything to one big folder). Just uses the live content from each of those files. Seems like a simple plugin, and it might already exist (does it?????).
- Via AutoHotKey - Would work already today. Trigger a script to run that would combine the designated files into one new file, then select that new file in your streaming application. Would have to be fired manually every time the files update, unless there's a way to set it up to fire any time designated files are updated.

Just wanted to dump my thoughts here, and see what people thought. Having this built into Streamlabels would obviously be the most ideal, as we're not reliant on a 3rd party (and necessary updates) to make things work.


(Crossposted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/6lghhq/my_kingdom_for_a_combined_files_scrolling_banner/)

  • PhoenixUNI
  • Jul 5 2017