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Streamlabs chatbot for DLIVE

DLIVE has 35K streamers now, MANY of which came from Twitch, Mixer, etc.  Many would love to bring the same chatbot with them over to DLIVE as it has so many awesome features! Every streamer on DLIVE would benefit from this! 

  • AnCapGamer
  • Apr 9 2019
  • TheFoxTyrant commented
    12 Apr 15:10

    Yes, please? I'm loving what StreamLabs is doing and I'd LOVE to have some of what they have to offer on Dlive.

  • itsprof commented
    12 Apr 18:53

    I also support this idea. I’d want to see the amazing features we currently enjoy brought to DLive.

  • DODG3Y commented
    14 Apr 14:19

    Please do this as there is only one usable bot for DLive

  • heartlandmedia commented
    27 Apr 15:43

    Yeah, it would be nice - Tidylabs chatbot and other widgets are glitchy and they obviously can't handle the bandwidth. It's crashed over a dozen times since I've used it. Extending our reach to dlive would be helpful.

  • cassandman commented
    15 May 09:40

    i agree, streamlabs would absolutely help dlive streamers grow more with their amazing features ): makes me sad dlive lacks decent chat bots

  • DalekLIVE commented
    25 Jul 20:06

    also would like support if not added yet >.>

  • Gamepad Emulator Guy commented
    28 Jul 01:33

    I think this is a must of dlive streamers to improve alot as streamlabs chatbot makes everything better for the vewier as u have more control over how u want over the stream and also for super mario maker stream it helps to keep a track of people in a queue which is also used over YouTube, twitch and mixer too 😁

  • MileHighClubTV commented
    05 Aug 08:28