Feature Suggestions

Track Spark/Ember usage on Mixer

hi there is it possible to add a way to track Spark and ember usage on Mixer to enable us to do a top session donator for this on an overlay? 

  • Jaenoxus
  • Apr 12 2019
  • RiczFX commented
    05 May 10:35
  • OldManShwan58 commented
    25 Apr 21:02

    I agree with you

  • CallumMurrey commented
    17 Feb 08:34

    Yes its nice to see the sparks in events and even the alerts that's a great start SLOBS team, i really appreciate the work you are doing, 

    I also think that a ember donation goal would be a great add, being able to keep tally for your stream is a must to get to the goals you would like to achieve as a streamer<

    Thanks for reading this SLOBS team and i hope to be adding ember goals to my stream soon <3

  • RadiantAutumn commented
    30 Jan 17:07

    Totally agree.

  • IUnzippedAndIt commented
    November 14, 2019 14:05

    how about an ember donation goal bar?