Feature Suggestions

Cloudbot: Ability to add multiple timer messages to a single rotation like the Chatbot has.

This is a feature from the locally-hosted chatbot that would benefit users of the cloudbot.

The problem right now is that if you set a timer message for 15 minutes, another for 30 and another for 45, they will overlap at certain points and the bot will post multiple messages at once. Setting odd intervals like 17, 32, 41 doesn't solve the problem entirely, since you would have messages popping very close to each other anyway.

The idea would be that you could set a number of messages in an order to the same timer, so you can post message #1 after 15 minutes, message #2 after another 15 minutes, (so 30 minutes since the first one) and so on and so forth.

I want a message from the bot with my social media links, another with a reminder for people to follow, and another one with a link to my discord. I want the bot to post one of those three messages every 15 minutes, instead of each message on a separate interval.

  • AlfakynAH
  • Apr 12 2019
  • RetroRaconteur commented
    August 11, 2019 01:28

    Agree with this suggestion 100%. It's strange that you can do this in Chatbot, but not Cloudbot. I would absolutely love having the ability to set my timers to appear at regular intervals in a rotation as the OP mentioned.