Feature Suggestions

Automatically Split Merch Profits with Artist

I want to split merch profits (e.g. 50/50) with the artist who does my graphics. Having Streamlabs do this automatically - calculate the split and pay both of us - would be amazing.

  • CalamarCat
  • Apr 19 2019
  • DalekLIVE commented
    20 Apr 04:25


    I would love this!

  • DalekLIVE commented
    20 Apr 07:17

    I would suggest a feature in the store to input the artist's paypal adress as a payee per specific item, because there may be multiple artists doing different works

    That or add them as part of your "team" and when adding an item, choosing which members of the team will earn income from that product. (split evenly among the group?)

  • Adventure_Loli commented
    20 Apr 17:41

    Seems reasonable. I mean I'm sure other people would try to take more but this is fair