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Add an option for TTS, to switch to SSML

Add an option for TTS, to switch to SSML.

The Text-to-Speech comes from Amazon Polly.


Amazon Polly has a lot of settings and stuff.
In TTS there are two types of "TextType"

TextType, text and ssml


SSML stands for Speech Synthesis Markup Language



Here is a documentation about SSML and other stuff about the Polly. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/en_us/polly/latest/dg/supported-ssml.html


You can test that tts here https://ttsmp3.com/ as example and use the formatting.


There is a text plain version. https://streamlabs-tts.surge.sh/ but that one doesn't have ssml set, I would need to look at it.


There are various of stuff you can setup, also it wouldn't be bad if you can disable some of the markup or set a limit. Such as the amazon effects that allow you to tell, how long should it take until it read through the text. Those can sound weird when people use it in a some sort of way.


But it is a cool feature and should be added. Possibility to switch to SSML and Plain Text.


  • karlpolice2001
  • Apr 24 2019