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Cloudbot No Character Limit /w bonus

It would be like in Chatbot where you don't have any limit of characters you can use, instead it posts multiple messages to avoid Twitch's character limit. Edit. It came to my attention that this wouldn't be good idea (at least as I suggested it originally) so I came up with something. Cooldown/Delay between messages. It could be implemented in two ways, either it would be locked to a specific time or it could be possible to edit the cooldown/delay (it still would have minimum, something like 5 or 10 seconds, it would be up to Streamlabs Crew of course).

  • BartekNew
  • May 6 2019
  • aIazymeme commented
    June 24, 2019 09:12

    If that were the case, people would make very long messages that would span across a lot of lines. This is a bad idea as it can quickly have the bot disconnected from twitch chat servers due to large amounts of spam.