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Random user id variable for Cloudbot

Hello, guys!


It will be nice if we can user random user id variable for Cloudbot.

It's a feature in Chatbot and it will be very nice to see it in Cloudbot.


Best regards,


  • Neytrex
  • May 19 2019
  • OSSini commented
    22 Nov, 2019 12:04pm

    I agree with this fullheartedly. The reason I'm not jumping over to cloudbot is mostly because I can't integrate one of my most used chat commands; a glomp (tackle hug) that targets a random user. But a random user id variable has many other uses in different command situations as well.

    However, if it is implemented it should pull from a pool of active users, or have a second option where for example any follower might be pulled as a result. This simply to avoid accidental lurker call-outs in commands that would encourage chat engagement.