Feature Suggestions

combine loyalty extension with cloudbot loyalty system + include the option for giveaways & raffles

I was hoping that the great benefit of just using the Streamlabs loyalty system will leave me with only one loyalty system. Unfortunately I was wrong and the Streamlabs extension is separated from the Cloudbot loyalty system. I know it is possible to import it, but its not the same, because u have to do it manually and it still leaves u with 2 point systems which is unsatisfying, complicated and confusing for viewer. 

I love the Streamlabs Twitch Extension for viewer to be able to gamble on their own, make song requests or turn in their points in special events. But I also want the function for raffles, giveaways, duels and ofc a trade system for the viewer between each other. Right now its a total mess and everyone is left confused when it comes to the loyalty points. Making the the Streamlabs loyalty system wholesome would solve this. 

Would hope for this feature in the near future!~ <3

  • katfishbot
  • May 19 2019