Feature Suggestions

Streamline Alternative Alerts

Currently there is a lot of data when creating alternative alerts that doesn't always need changing. I know there is a way to create an alternative from the default/current settings, but I having a way to hide/show fields (expect for specific fields such as the name, condition, etc...) would make it feel less overwhelming. So that when you look at the alternative alerts it doesn't have so much data showing, for example hide font, font size unless you enable it.

So a default alert for something like the 10k bit badge would look similar to the screenshot below unless you enable the fields. When hiding fields it would default to the base alert. To show/hide I think having a button in the top right with a drop down of fields with check box's would be a way to go about doing them, but there could be a better way.

  • LCLC98
  • May 23 2019