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Bathingsuit colors and sizes

I would like to suggest you get rid of the white bathing suit in favor of another color. Literally almost any other color. As a woman, I can say that a white bathing suit is a bad idea for most of us, unless the material is very thick. Also, for the bikini a lot of us women love to have the option to buy our bottoms separately from our tops, because we are not all built the same. Some of us need a larger top than bottom and vise versa. Without this option a lot of us just won't even bother to consider buying that product, because we'd have to buy 2 just to get the right sizes.

  • JRocket4
  • May 28 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Stream labs commented
    29 May, 2019 08:24pm

    Thanks for the suggestion on sizing! As for the coloring, the suits are white because they are meant to be printed all-over. You can select any color and design you choose to apply to the suit, and use a background color if necessary.