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Some streamers such as me stream on multiple websites such as youtube and twitch, i find it frustrating i cannot have sub alerts from youtube and follow alerts from twitch on the same stream i can only have one. This would benefit the majority of streamers who use cross platforms to stream

  • sir_ranch
  • Jul 11 2017
  • Already exists
  • Jimmy Dunn commented
    30 Apr, 2018 04:17pm

    HMM, the question then, I also use Restrem.io for my game streams and for the chat, it shows which one is chatting to me by the YouTube icon or the Twitch icon, so hard would it be to make something like Restream.io is using for it game streams? 

  • oscardarla commented
    26 Jan, 2018 09:13pm

    I don't know about youtube, but you can have alerts from multiple platforms. I use restream.io to stream on picarto and twitch. Using the browse source, I can get follower alerts from both places. The only problem is that you can't connect streamlabs stream labels to as many places, so no recent follower/donation/sub text if you use picarto or something beside twitch/youtube/mixer. I hope they update this soon.

  • NathanGuerra commented
    6 Sep, 2017 02:19am

    This more simplified integration between Mixer/YT/Twitch sounds great to me!  Lets go!  I am back on Streamlabs now because of these new features, keep them coming please!


    IOtherACTION i is almost always better to just give the streamer the choice of options, as to whether they will be confused or if it matters.  Alert  shows a little icon for where it came from right now, all that is really needed.  Much simpler to have a single alert box and not have alerts coming from different places simultaneously for me, but again, for others they may want other options...like 5 alert boxes going off at once... FailFish

  • OtherACTION commented
    15 Jul, 2017 03:18am

    This would cause a few problems when the broadcaster is trying to figure out where the alerts are coming from causing confusion. It would be better to have separate alert boxes for each platform while they are still usable without conflicting each other. Currently all alert boxes for all platforms you have connected are set to 1 alert box and if you get it to work with all platforms, the alerts would confuse you and you would be unable to find out which platform they are coming from.


    The idea should be allowing the use of Twitch and YouTube alerts for the stream but having 2 separate alert boxes which would benefit the broadcaster who is reading the alerts while knowing the areas on the screen they placed the alerts for specific platforms, instead of having one alert box merged with all platforms and losing track on what platform is sending the alerts.


    Better to have alert boxes separated BUT still able to use both platforms simultaneously allowing 2 alert boxes in stream and working without causing mass confusion to streamers.