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Add another payment option

Currently, there are only two options to purchase apparel from creators, that being PayPal and PayPal credit. While I understand PayPal has become largely accepted everywhere, there are younger kids who do not have access to it. While the payment falls to parents ultimately, I believe it is not sufficiently benefiting creators by reducing payment options only to PayPal. Thru nearly every transaction online there is always a basic credit card option, please add this option so we the people can continue to support creators and StreamLabs.

  • NightmaresBTW
  • Jun 14 2019
  • razor_is_back06 commented
    19 Jun 02:23pm


  • razor_is_back06 commented
    19 Jun 02:23pm


  • DeadIntermediate commented
    22 Sep, 2019 01:10pm

    That would be good.

    Perhaps like Stripe or something?

    So can use like a prepare debit / credit card?

  • Steve commented
    14 Jun, 2019 02:10am

    fortnite sucks go play some minecraft lol