Feature Suggestions

Streamlabs Chatbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot & the Creator Site

I have been using Streamlabs Cloubot these past few months and honestly prefer it more than the chatbot but when it comes to commands, quotes and such only the Streamlabs Chatbot data is showing on the Creator site. I believe there should be an option to choose which bot you want to be visible on your site for your audience or just get rid of the Chatbot and replace it entirely with Cloudbot all together and make it easier on us all.

I use Cloudbot and the commands are different from Chatbot, so the ones showing on my Creator Site are not the ones that I am using in the Cloudbot so I am having to relay commands to my moderators. Also, people have complained about my quotes as we have 71 quotes but the site is only showing the 66  from the time that I was using Chatbot, I want my audience to be able to see the up to date cloudbot list of quotes and commands and right now there does not appear to be an option to fix these problems.

  • Minifoxychicky
  • Jul 5 2019
  • Already exists