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Have output resolution setting for stream and recording individually

I just got a 2K monitor and have been loving recording in 2K. However of course I cannot stream in 2K so I am constantly setting it back down to 1080P for streaming. While doing this, I constantly forget to put it back to 2K, so sometimes I throw away an entire YouTube video once I realize I recorded everything at 1080P. I have to record at 2K to get YouTubes VP9 codec, as I don't get enough YouTube views yet, my 1080P videos get compressed so much. Little feature but I think it would help so many people out. 

  • MrComicallyBad
  • Jul 7 2019
  • Already exists
  • WorldWideNoob commented
    5 Jan 04:19pm

    settings > video > there are "base" and "output" options for different resolutions... change the settings there

  • MrComicallyBad commented
    17 Jul, 2019 08:09pm

    Under the Video tab, yes there is a rescale output, but this rescales for both recording and streaming. There is no rescale output checkbox.. Maybe with a different encoder yes. But with NVENC New selected there is no rescale output. Only under the video section there is. Please unmark this as already exists as it does not

  • Admin
    Stream labs commented
    17 Jul, 2019 08:03pm

    This can be achieved by enabling advanced output settings in Streamlabs OBS. Once enabled you will have a checkbox for rescale output you can use to set the desired streaming resolution.