Feature Suggestions

Put in the app a version for users of 32-bit systems.

It would help a lot of people who would want to stream but can not, by having a 32-bit system that includes me.

  • spotless167
  • Jul 10 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Chi11estpanda commented
    11 Jul, 2019 12:46am

    To be clear, you (and people who want to stream and have a 32-bit system) can still stream with a 32-bit system, you just can't do it with Streamlabs OBS specifically. There have been multiple submissions requesting this feature but according to a post made by Streamlabs staff on their FAQ page found here, and a "will not implement" tag to a previous, similar suggestion (oddly, posed in the form of a question) made here, they have no intention or plans to ever make a 32-bit version.

    A major factor of this is because how 32-bit systems are becoming obsolete and converting the software to a 32-bit version would be tedious andĀ support/usage would continue to dwindle as consumers eventually upgrade their system.

    If you would like to stream but have a 32-bit system you can use OBS Studio which offers a 32-bit version here. Additionally, a known competitor, Streamelements, offers 32-bit compatibility as well with OBS.Live which attaches to a current installation of the 32-bit version of OBS Studio.