Feature Suggestions

Integration For Streampro.io

I would think this has been already requested, but I havent seen any postings on it being implimented.

Can you allow streampro.io a way to integrate into the donations system?

I know that TwitchAlerts (aka Streamlabs) partnered with Streampro about a year ago at Twitch Con 2016, and I was really excited by the news, though I havent seen any integration between the two.

It would be nice to include Streampro as an integration type, to allow Streamlabs to display Alerts for donations on Stereampro, and Streamlabs. Streampro currently has a system in place for their own Alerts, but it is dwarfed in comparison to the options available on Streamlabs.

  • LayoffGaming
  • Jul 17 2017