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Similar to the "Sound Files" button on Streamlabs Chatbot where you can simply turn the sfx off, it would be incredibly useful to have a button to turn ONLY Alert sounds off (not turn the alert box off, just the sounds). I do a monthly "ASMR" stream where I have to turn all my sfx, entrance sounds, and alert sounds off, which chatbot makes super easy, however, for the alert sounds, each one has to be changed to zero sound and I have to make a list of the volume levels for each individual alert sound so I can go back and turn them all back on for normal streams individually.
I think this would be a great solution for those of us that enjoy doing ASMR streams but that is not our only focus. It would make life soo much easier and save soo much time!
Thanks for listening!

  • MistyVicious
  • Jul 16 2019
  • Already exists
  • JamacanBacn commented
    16 Jul, 2019 10:47pm

    If you have your recent events area open there is a Speaker looking icon in the top right.
    This will toggle the alert sound on or off without disabling any of the visuals.