Feature Suggestions

Add the ability to rename cloudbot

Having the ability to rename the cloudbot as it appears in chat would help customize and personalize it in each streamer's content. I believe this is already possible in the non cloud-based version of the bot.

  • VentosxFGO
  • Jul 20 2019
  • Planned
  • S-T-K deni commented
    02 Aug 16:52


  • x Hades Stamps commented
    06 Aug 03:14

    Yay! This had *better* be an option on the Tube of You.

  • BoomBookTR commented
    20 Aug 13:24

    i think so.

  • FrazleyS commented
    21 Aug 15:42

    This is something I would love, to be able to authenticate an account to be the bot, as I can with the downloadable Chatbot.

  • BROZILLAbruv commented
    02 Sep 08:28

    yup, need it

  • turdobirdo commented
    06 Sep 16:08


  • BD Funny TV commented
    21 Sep 16:18

    sub me

  • BD Funny TV commented
    21 Sep 16:19

    sub me

  • Telinha commented
    28 Sep 13:46