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Changing in-game overlay chat and event windows size

I'm a single monitor streamer and i love the idea of streamlabs's in-game overlay. The only problem is that the windows are too big and it would be awesome if we could have the option to select the sizes of the event window and the chat window, just like you would normally do with a window clicking in the corner of it and then moving it to be the size you want. 

  • Mapacho_
  • Jul 25 2019
  • Planned
  • Rhomagus commented
    5 Aug, 2019 05:56pm

    Regarding resizing, a quick fix that I would like implemented would be to allow the overlay chat box to be pinned, at least partially, above the screen, meaning you could use the top of your screen as a "cut off point".

    As of now, you can cut if off on the right side, left side, and the bottom, but you can't "cut off" the top by pinning half of the chat box above the screen. When you try to put any measure of the box above the screen it will immediately snap back into place. This is not the case for the other sides of the screen.

    Why being able to do this is important for the top and not the other sides is because new messages start from the bottom of the chat box. Cutting off the bottom of the box is less useful than being able to cut off the top of the box. If you could cut off or "hide" the top of the box above the screen then you could effectively block the visuals of old messages and only focus on newer messages as they come in, whilst at the same time, saving screen realty for more pressing game visuals.