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Automatic Response for Missing Parameter

Having an automatic response for built-in commands that are missing requested parameters would be great. E.g. !heist, it needs an amount of currency, and I would like to have a response saying "You need to use !heist (amount)" when someone is just using "!heist". This would be useful for Songrequest and Giveaway too. Thank you!

  • Aug 1 2019
  • CRISvsGAME commented
    1 Aug, 2019 02:03pm

    The best way to achieve this is by creating a parameter like "$dummyordesc". If "$dummyordesc" doesn't match the command needed parameter (e.g. number/word/string format) or omitted, it should throw a description message about the correct use of the command.


    Command "!heist" Response Example:

    $dummyordesc(number, "The correct use is !heist x [x = 1 to 100 currency amount]")


    Command "!songrequest" Response Example

    $dummyordesc(string, "The correct use is !songrequest x [x = youtube link or video id]")