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<<<<connecting Twitch an youtube to one Platform

hiho, im streaming on the plattforms twitch and youtube.
Actually i have the problem that both Viewer get currency points, but only the twitch currency points can be used in discord. there is no way to connect an discord bot if i logged in with youtube. If there would be only one chatbot for all plattforms that would can help.

For example:
Twitch bot
Twitch streamer
YT bot
yt Streamer

An other good thing is i have to config only one chatbot and dont have to config 2 with all currency, music, commands and so on.

Thank for reading ^^

  • RaikunsGamezone
  • Aug 4 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Stream labs commented
    5 Aug, 2019 06:52am

    As of right now this will not be implemented. There are a few core reasons for this:

    - Not all features are compatible with all platforms, for example YT doesn't have whispers
    - Knowing who's who between the different platforms is not doable in current system
    - Cloudbot can be used at all platforms at once without running different tools

    Thanks for the idea and hope this gets some insight as why it will not be implemented.