Feature Suggestions

Login for mobcrush users

being able to login using mobcrush, will enable better use of the overlay system as all messages from the multi stream service would show up. elimination the need to use the browser based webpage to view and read all chat message.


second it would improve the stream tracking system and allow the user's of mobcruch to track there stream success properly from the slobs dashboard because all the info from the stream would show up and no just the statistics from that login's that are currently in use. for instance; i login into slobs using twitch. so only that stats for twitch show up in the dash, which only tells me how i did on that service, and the same for the overlay. i only see messages from twitch.


if i could login using my mobcrush account, it would then allow me to see everthing i want to see such as messages from each service in the overlay, and stats from my multi stream in the dash.


Now that the mob crush service is freely available through slobs it make sense that we should be able to log in with mob and merge the info into slobs like we already do with the services we can currently login with

  • Praejator
  • Aug 11 2019
  • Djisma commented
    August 29, 2019 13:57

    It will be an amazing Addon you can Add the URL, of the Unified Chat, to the Game Overlay.