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The Guilds Should be Open To everyone not just All stars its kind of rejecting us because were just Small Streamers or "Regulars" it feel like getting Discriminated against and its Frustrating and annoying that only the All Stars can do it plus it doesn't make much since that only they can People Make Guilds so its easier to help other streamers but The All Stars are already at past the part were they dont need help because they should have at minimum of 15,000 Followers on twitch and 30,000 and 100 Concurrent average Viewers Therefore there helping themselves No hate just asking To help us Small Streamers out and my Suggestion For the Rest of us Thank you for Everything Else you guys have done an Amazing and its Unbelievable Work that The Streamlabs Team has done for the Twitch and YouTube Community and Being on things like That 

  • FormalDeadshot
  • Jul 20 2017
  • FormalDeadshot commented
    July 20, 2017 00:12

    If anyone wants to add on and give me a better one ill be glad to Edit this on put it in there and give you Credit aswell <3