Feature Suggestions

Reinstate the dashboard into the software and allow easy access to and from shared access channels.

Myself and other streamers use shared access and the dashboard every time we start a stream. As of the new update, we have become unsatisfied with some changes and are having to take longer alternative routes.


The dashboard:

The dashboard, as of version 0.17.1 (August 2019) has been removed from the software and can only be accessed via the website, making it less user-friendly for streamers and giving the streamer another window to have to set aside.

The dashboard is very useful to streamers as it provides us with important and resourceful information.

I understand that some aspects have been dismantled and moved, but others have been left out and only accessible via the website.


I have become aware that the dashboard was removed as it "did not align with our vision of creating an all-in-one live streaming solution" (https://howto.streamlabs.com/streamlabs-obs-9/is-dashboard-only-available-on-slobs-website-post-0-17-1-update-4975). This to me doesn't make sense, as to provide your users with an "all-in-one" solution, would be to provide them with an one-way passage to all of streamlab's uses. Removing the dashboard means that the streamers and their administrators must switch between two windows to benefit their streams. 


Shared Access:

Shared access was available on the software prior to the update, involving removing the dashboard. Shared access is used by several people that I, myself, know. I can only imagine how many other people find this useful and how many people would, if they knew about it.

Shared access can no longer be access through the software as it was only accessible through the dashboard. Even whilst it was available through the dashboard, it was a one-way ticket, leaving the shared-access user stuck on the channel they were given access to, unless they restarted the software. 

Reinstating this and making it easy to return to your account would make the world of difference to many people.

  • SoggysocksGames
  • Aug 22 2019