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Loyalty Point Rewards @ Donations?

For some reason the Loyalty system doesn't allow users to give points for donations, which is really off putting. Other bots have support for both bits and donations in their systems, so why not Streamlabs? 

I've requested and talked about this in both of the SL discords and was told to send another request here.
Really hoping to see this take action so I can finally use this and re-add my redeemables!

Thank you in advance! <3

[ EDIT:  Oh, and please add point-settings for raids and subgifts, along with settings to edit the added points for regulars and subs! You offer all of those on your bot, so it'd be nice if you added it for this system too! ]

  • Ermacez
  • Aug 27 2019
  • ghulamm777 commented
    1 Sep, 2019 02:31pm

    Great job

  • Ermacez commented
    27 Aug, 2019 04:22pm

    Yeah, oddly enough they support donations but not bits on the bot, so you have to choose either "just bits" or "just donos" which is unfair? I feel like the biggest dick when someone sends bits and expect to get currency... :I 

  • CarlAltDel commented
    27 Aug, 2019 04:11pm

    I swore this was a thing be shown it's not! Donos are a big thing for an affiliate since we get much more profit. While bits are fun and I very much appreciate getting them when the money is tight donations are so helpful and I want to be able to reward people for that in some way