Feature Suggestions

Improve Credits Widget on StreamLabs

I know I'm probably not the only one who would have complaints about the Credits Widget on StreamLabs, but when you have the Custom HTML/CSS/JS section at the bottom so that people can customize how the Credits Roll looks, you should at least be able to edit and modify current existing Credit Roll animations to further customize the look of them, but instead what we currently have is it defaults to the Classic Star Wars-esque credits roll known as "The Crawl" in the Custom CSS box this should change to whatever selected in the above selections to make it easier to select what animation roll you want for your credits.


I wanted to use Stars credit roll, but I wanted to add on to the current looks of it, but can't be cause if I change it in the CSS where it says "crawl" to "stars" it just breaks and doesn't work at all, and so can't edit what the animation looks like for the other animations. -- The changes I wanted to customize on to the Stars animation was to add some formatting to the text like, add an outline to the text, and color parts of the text with the animation scroll.

  • TheAlkaris
  • Aug 28 2019