Feature Suggestions

MidStream Raid

Would like to see a feature of sorts of a midstream raid.. Like say for instance, my dinner is ready, I gotta go to the bathroom, walk the dog, change the baby diaper... It would be nice to somehow do a mid-stream temporary raid.. Not sure how this would work.. but somehow, I would display a certain twitch channel also a different scene overlay stating "I would be right back, but everyone go say hi to this streamer for  X minutes, and come right back" Also, somehow nightbot or streamlabs would post that link to streamer in the chat. NOW I KNOW, this is something I can do all on my own.. but some integration and shortcuts would be cool. Maybe a way to capture their twitch channel video and chat on my twitch channel and somehow SLOBS posts a POP-OUT Chat window  link of their channel, in my chat... LOL Just thinking.. not sure if this would even work.. but it could be a great tool to share the love and help other streamers grow and vice versa. Thanks and let me know if this is stupid, or a viable idea.

  • ViBrationncRage
  • Sep 11 2019