Feature Suggestions

Add VIPs to Credits Widget

VIPs are a role you can give to your most important viewers in your channel but there's no way to thank them in the credits widget. You can thank your mods and subs and follows and stuff but not VIPs despite being designated as important.

  • Mirby_Studios
  • Oct 8 2019
  • Player1NLatex commented
    14 May, 2020 07:16pm

    I have only a couple of vips and they deserve the credit just like everyone else. Please make this a thing

  • Senastra_ commented
    26 Apr, 2020 05:33pm

    Yes this please!!! I have roughly 20 VIP's that are active and would love to have their name on the end credits screen as we say goodnight. My viewers LOVE seeing their name pop up and those that earn their VIP badge should also get that recognition! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!