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Twitch Channel Points Text to Speech + Alert

Twitch Channel Points Text to Speech + Alert. For example, when a person redeem a highlighted text, it either reads it as text to speech or can become an individual alert to notify the streamer that someone did use the points! Because when people get into it they will be many Custom channel points rewards. Like drop you loot, Stand up and any others that needs an alert or sound to notify the streamer. 

  • Oct 30 2019
  • Daidaika commented
    22 Sep 16:31

    I don't really need the TTS part, but I would like to have, like, an elephant sound for when someone redeems a Big Top Takeover cuz with the free OpenVR Twitch Chat, channel point redemption isn't shown.

  • Nennai commented
    21 Sep 21:29

    Yes please! I keep missing redemptions for things such as "hydrate" etc, and it's a real shame because I can't have the twitch dashboard open. I'd also love if my viewers can see that too so it involves them even more!

  • DrPolarbear commented
    15 Sep 20:11

    Theres a bot that does this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCkC8t0I7mA

  • LoadingNinja commented
    16 Aug 00:51

    While I don't do much with the chatbot, but I would love to be able to do some stuff on redemption with my own extension, since I know many people would be able to do fun stuff with that(Like having a channel point reward which alters some value or something which is to be displayed on stream afterwards)

  • metalcomedy commented
    23 May 20:08

    Would love this option!

  • ゼンブラックウルフ commented
    12 May 23:17

    Yes please! I want this. xP

  • falkeeevagyok commented
    10 Apr 14:14


  • SandyWuffy commented
    20 Jan 05:52

    Yes! This alert idea is exactly what I want!

  • pockyplay commented
    05 Jan 21:58

    I would also like an alert for twitch channel points

  • HisCursedness commented
    November 28, 2019 11:20

    An additional use case, I would like to set up an "airhorn" sound effect reward. Currently I would have to manually accept the reward and cause the sound.


    If it happened automatically (through the Streamlabs Alert System with a custom sound for that redemption) it would let my viewers make me jump for their amusement.

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