Feature Suggestions

Movable Modules

So, Stream Elements is slowly getting more and more appealing, but I love how straight forward and nice Streamlabs is. I'd really like if you guys made the different modules/widgets in the Streamlabs OBS movable, like how they have on their OBS. The movable chat, scene list, source list, audio mixer, etc.

I've been wanting to have my third monitor that I use for OBS in portrait mode, but with the chat ONLY being on the left or right, it won't work, and I'd rather not have to have a pop-out chat open on top of everything else as well. I think this, plus the few other ideas I've made, will make me dead set on staying here with Streamlabs. However, lately, despite how unfriendly their website is to work around in, it's been very tempting to move on over... Please can we have some nice, new things? 

  • SentinelBlythe
  • Nov 9 2019