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Charity Donation Link out of stream

I know there has to be a large number of people who are unable to stream but still wish to help with the charity streams and such, I am one of those people, but I wish to know if there would be some way (or if this could be implemented in the future) where it would be possible to Charity stream through other ways. I plan to do a "24-hour discord stream" as I can't stream on YouTube or Twitch but it would be uploaded to Twitch later, and, during so, I wish to have a link that will go to a charity donation, but I want to be able to see the amount donated during recording, use it before, during, and after the stream, as well as being to restart the counter my Streamlabs OBS would show at the start of each session so that I could be able to see how much was raised during said session if multiple were done. Having a feature such as this would be a major benefit to anyone who did streams or just recording sessions and would allow them to set a donation goal, as well as help people who take my idea and run with it if it becomes popular enough. I really wish I could do charity streams and such, but my internet just isn't good enough so this is currently my only option towards it and still being able to see the amount raised. I have figured out how I would do it without this feature, but it would be a lot nicer to have if it would be possible.

  • hitthere
  • Dec 22 2019