Feature Suggestions

To show multistream chat to the game overlay instead of the normal twitch chat

This is useful for the streamer that only has one monitor.

The ‘STREAM CHAT’ chatbox can only receive messages from TWITCH.

But TWITCH and FACEBOOK chats both shows on the ‘Multistream’ chat box which is located on the right-hand side of Streamlab OBS, 

While I using multistream and toggle on the game overlay, it shows the ‘STREAM CHAT’ chatbox, which means I can only receive messages from TWITCH in the game overlay, Is it possible to change the setting of the game overlay by showing the ‘Multistream’ chatbox instead of ‘Stream CHAT’ chatbox? It can help  with streamers to improve the interactivity by receiving both TWITCH and FACEBOOK messages while streaming and attract more people to use streamlabs OBS

  • 盒子頻道
  • Jan 11 2020
  • elarthurator commented
    20 May 02:09am


  • muribeatzz commented
    16 May 04:58pm

    i need this :(

  • Klaudio Vrbada commented
    24 Feb 05:04am

    I need this, pls my bros <3

  • Андрей Котельник commented
    21 Jan 01:26pm

    Great suggestion!