Feature Suggestions

Expand the Loyalty system

More features for the Loyalty system:

  • Bonus points for followers and cheers, this already exists for subs and tips.
  • Points multiplier for subs.
  • Raffle system for giveaway:
    • Users can buy tickets with their points.
    • Limit max ticket purchase.
    • Option for sub win chance multiplier.
  • Contests: "Will I win the next game: yes/no" users can gamble !yes/!no.
  • Automate rewards: Should there be songrequest, user could automaticly boost their song to the top for points.
  • More games: Roulette, Bingo, Duel, Slot machine are all fun games users can play with their points.

I have been using the Loyalty system since the beta, I love that everything that I need is in this platform. Even made a guide how to use the Loyalty system, but my users can hardly do stuff with it. I am forced to use systems like StreamElements just for a raffle.

Please Streamlabs, make this work!

  • Bienaver
  • Aug 4 2017