Feature Suggestions

Specific user to use cloudbot store claims like in desktop chatbot.

Youtube Events doesn't support desktop chatbot, and features such as 'specific user(e.g. channel id) requirements' is not available yet in cloudbot in the store claim section.(afaik)

If Cloudbot could add the same feature as the desktop chatbot, streamers like me would be very happy since i give out custom sound effect to certain special vieweres/streamers/mods to use.


If Streamlabs could implement a 'command to trigger sound' directly from the personal library that would be great, OR put a new requirement check to claim store items for sound effects.(e.g.  specific user channel id).

My current problem: trying to figure out how to make sure the previously granted custom sound effect commands usable with cloudbot via stream chat. 

That is my suggestion, thank you for reading :) I hope Streamlabs will consider adding this feature.

Have a nice day.

  • Jonidipp
  • Feb 3 2020