Feature Suggestions

Add A Way For OverlyChatbox Show Any Words Popping up so you can see any site active chat

help me out to add a proper chat box for plexstorm streaming site because i have done it with capture screen but is anoying on top of this would like if you guys add a option to pop up a mini screan of overlay add the option to add a scene from the scene you have so i could see it flotting around while i play the games it would help a lot easier if we can not add the chat overley view because i notice the chat overlay view is only the chat from twitch when i am connected somewhere else how can i change this

ok well i was wondering if anyways the overly pop up chat that i can see i understand the the platform i logged in but if your guy can program like the overly chat box to show letter imputs that pop up insted it would make it more flexible for all chats from any chat also i was not even logged in twitch i just used twitch to log into the account of stream labs if i could just log in with a email so normal chat does not show up i guess is that possible ??

any other ideas for this help me out here guys this are just some options

  • Seth_Chaos
  • Mar 2 2020