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New Payment Method For Pakistani Streamers

Hello StreamLabs,

First of all I want to thank you all for working so hard even in these crucial times of corona virus.

Coming back to my point, I want to share some ideas for receiving tips/donation for the people of Pakistan. As we don’t have PayPal/Skrill/Coinbase in our country and because of that we have to face too many difficulties in receiving donations, surely, we can ask our relatives/friends who live abroad and has PayPal/Skrill/Coinbase in their countries to help us out in creating [above mentioned banks] accounts but the problem is it is risky and might get our account blocked, Also a new streamer who will target his/her country audience first and because of lack of payment methods in our country they can lose a large sum.

So regarding this kind of situation, I will break my ideas into bullet-points.

  • Payoneer Payment Method: The reason I suggest Payoneer is because Payoneer is easily accessible all over Pakistan and many other countries or on many Online/Digital shops.

  • Making Credit/Debit Card Method Easy: As a small streamer who just started doing streaming it Is very hard for them to get a credit/debit card option and I understand the security issues but what if you lower your criteria and before integrating a credit/debit card a person should have to register their Identity Number/Passport Number/Driving License (any of them) alongside with their address and a passport size photo (for the record). So if something goes wrong StreamLabs can take action on it.

  • Google Pay Method: This service is also available in Pakistan and is easily accessible.

  • PunisherCarii
  • Mar 24 2020
  • PunisherCarii commented
    13 Apr 08:34pm

    Sure sure. :)

  • Zalmy commented
    11 Apr 02:45pm
    I was going to create one but saw this and it is incredible .I an going to share it in PPG .Hope it gets so many votes and streamlabs start thinking about it.