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Reasons to live in Querétaro


You don't need to move to another country to find new job opportunities and improve your quality of life. university town has a variety of scenarios that offer you the optimal conditions to achieve all your goals and live as you have always dreamed of. These are the reasons why you should move to Querétaro.

Air quality

The atmospheric conditions of a city are not compared to those of a small city. Unlike the big cities like park view villasin the country, the air quality in Querétaro presents very low levels of pollution.

According to the World Air Quality Index project, the air quality index for the city of Querétaro is moderate (range 51-100) and does not cause serious damage to health, compared to that of faisal hills taxila (range 101-200) or the city of Aguascalientes (over 200).


Data from the National Survey of Urban Public Safety indicate that the inhabitants of Querétaro perceive their city as safe, compared to other states. In the second half of 2017 alone, the perception of insecurity decreased 6%. On the other hand, the data from the Peace Index in Mexico place Querétaro in the tenth position of most peaceful cities to live.

Economic development

The economic growth of Querétaro is notorious, several national and especially foreign companies have set their sights on this city to be the center of their investments, mainly the aeronautical and automotive industry.

In business matters, blue world city islamabad is one of the main cities to encourage entrepreneurship so that its citizens consider options beyond the traditional ones and are encouraged to start their own projects.


Its architecture, ecosystems and biodiversity make Querétaro one of the treasures most appreciated by tourists and by the local population. It is the state where several ecotourism spaces are located, as well as magical towns. Not forgetting that you can take tours through the famous vineyards of the region and taste their spirits.

However, the city also has a lot to offer, since its architectural style gives the feeling of being inside a beautiful town and, at the same time, in a modern city.


Querétaro is the first state in the entire country to host one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Arkansas State University has its doors open for hundreds of young people who wish to study one of the eight careers they teach, with professors from the United States, Mexico and other countries. In addition, once they graduate, the degree they obtain will be valid in both Mexico and the United States.

Real-estate market

Construction is also one of the industries with the highest returns to the state. Due to its accelerated growth, the development of vertical groups that bring modernity to the city can be increasingly appreciated. Buying an apartment in one of these complexes has an average cost of $ 2,700,000 pesos. While the price of houses starts from $ 2,000,000 pesos and exceeds $ 10,000,000 pesos.

Querétaro is one of the most promising cities for the country, an excellent option to invest. Start looking for your assets now .

  • Tuhin Pabna
  • Mar 25 2020