Feature Suggestions

Donation Goal sorting!

I had have this idea for such a long time now! 
A donation goal that only get triggers by a keyword or hashtag.
Lets say our streamer are trying to put a donation goal to fund and check the interest of a specific upgrade or addition to his/her stream.

For example having a mic or camera upgrade. or perhaps a fund for a new game? 
Let us be able to have aimed donationgoal bars that gets triggered by the first word in the donation text.


#camera Hey (streamer) hope this will help you with that well deserved camera upgrade to up the quality of this stream!

  • Gufux
  • Aug 13 2017
  • makeyourownfun commented
    15 Sep, 2017 05:22am

    This seems like a great idea. I've seen streams do something similar and am unsure how they're doing it!

  • Gufux commented
    25 Aug, 2017 12:02am

    noone even reacted to this? is it really that bad of an idea?