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please remove prime

beacuse people with no income, cant bye it and cant get new overlays
  • r4g3onyou
  • Apr 16 2020
  • GBD__ commented
    3 Jun 09:57am

    I believe prime should be lowered to $12 a month without it being locked into a 1year contract. $12 should be the standard for prime and I'm sure many more people will come along and I'm one of those people.

  • matthewkimsgaming commented
    31 May 08:08pm

    i don't mind prime

  • matthewkimsgaming commented
    31 May 08:08pm

    i i don't mind primedo

  • Jordan Hernandez commented
    27 May 12:29pm

    DUDe prime is literally worth it lol, Twitch you get free content with pretty much all the good games, so is SLOBS prime, it blows the free version out the water!

  • Cyberwulf_UK commented
    16 May 11:37am

    I cannot really afford Prime but I still use it as my subs end up paying for it which in turn so it pays for itself. If your a good streamer and managed to make the probram on twitch etc then it will pay for itself. Otherwise just make your own its easy enough to do. Either buy it or dont buy it, its your choice but honestly, they are never going to take away prine so the poll is useless. we should have a vote to keep it too button. I think that would have thousands of votes.

    Im a prime sub but I only use the apps I made all my own overlay and videos


  • Cyberwulf_UK commented
    16 May 11:30am

    Then make your own overlays, like many do.

  • Nitrolysis commented
    14 May 06:39pm

    Just because you can't buy it, doesn't mean it should be removed for everyone else lol. They're a company, they need to make money.

  • nezyro_ commented
    3 May 12:16pm


  • encrypteddatags_qnaon commented
    2 May 06:10am

    Has your Parents ever told you Nothing is Free!!!

  • AnniLeFuexli commented
    26 Apr 12:49pm

    I understand your point, but not everything can be free.

    If you can't afford it, you have to resort to something else.

    I don't have prime myself and I don't know how it is handled. I hope the creators of the overlays etc. get a part and this justifies the price. Your work should also be rewarded.

  • jaytuut commented
    20 Apr 12:21pm

    At least allowus to have non-prime themes, only prime themes

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